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    AllAmericanWineries supports the right of adults to enjoy wines in moderation.  For your own safety and the safety of others, please avail yourself of a designated driver if you choose to consume wine or any other alcoholic beverages.  We and the wineries listed on this site want you to have a safe visit and return to the wineries again and again!

    PRIVACYAllAmericanWineries absolutely respects your privacy.  No personal information about visitors to this site is collected.  Visitors providing feedback will not have their names or E-mail address sold or provided to any other entity.  We may forward winery specific comments to the winery involved unless you request otherwise, but will not identify you to those wineries.  Owners of wineries and vineyards are asked to confirm winery name, address, contact information and Uniform Resource Locator (Web site) information in order to ensure the accuracy of their listing.  Non-public information about any winery or owner will never sold, traded, or bartered.  Please be aware, however, that once a user links to the Internet Web site of a listed winery or to any other site (e.g., from the Other Wine-Related Links page), AllAmericanWineries has no control over data submitted by a visitor or actions of those other sites.

    DISCLAIMER:  Information on this site is accurate as of the date of posting.  Due diligence is performed to ensure up-to-date information.  Updated information will normally be posted within 72 hours of receipt and confirmation.

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