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March 1, 2014 News Flash!  AllAmericanWineries wine directory site exceeds 22,045,000 hits,  4,600,000 page views,  and 2,535,000 visitor sessions since our January 2001 inception.  We accurately projected our ten millionth hit during October 2006 (after just seventy months of operation), and our twenty millionth hit during February 2012.  In perhaps our crowning achievement, we experienced our one millionth unique visitor in January 2009, after just eight years of operation!!  Some websites play games with their stats, showing only hit counts.  You should be aware, however, that the number of claimed hits by a website has much less meaning than page views, visitor sessions, or unique visitors.  Share any of these numbers with your webmaster and ask for their professional opinion.  No matter which of the above metrics you compare with other winery locator and vineyard directory sites, you will find we are near, if not at, the top!  Click here to view full AWStats report

In June 2003, Robin Garr *again* recommended us as an authoritative source for locating wineries across the United States (in his "Thirty Second Wine Advisor" column).  This is our second time in Robin's column (our first time was in January 2001.  We have also been reviewed and recommended in USA Today, twice in Swirl Wine News magazine, and travel and wine sections of numerous newspapers across the USA.  See our home page for links to those articles.  In November 2006, the authors of the book, "Food Luvs Wine: Explorations in Good Taste," included™ as a good place to find out about wineries in the United States.

What *YOU* Are Saying About AllAmericanWineries
(Winery Owners and Wine Industry Feedback):

  Tom T., Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, FL - "Hello Bob - Love your site. [Here] are a few more wineries..."
  Greg K., Maple River Winery, ND - "Just a quick note [with update] information for [our] Winery.  Thanks for this wonderful website!!!
  Arial P., Nachson Winery, Israel - "I am an Israeli winemaker touring the United States.  I use your site every day to plan my journey.  It is most helpful . . . [A] very organized and useful site."
  Anna Katharine M., Horticultural Research Center, University of Minnesota, MN - "I enjoy your site and am excited that such a [site] exists."
  Jahn C., Wills Creek Winery, AL - "Keep up the good work."
  Karel B., Michigan Department of Tourism, MI - "I discovered one of our top referral sites was yours!  What a great resource."
  Thomas J., Nuyaka Creek Winery, OK - "Thanks for the [website] tip!  I added a link to your site.  It looks like a helluva endeavor to me!"
  Lulu M., Martin Vineyards, NC - "I looked over your site again and you are doing a wonderful job of advertising for North Carolina wineries"
  Karen C., Sharpe Hill Vineyard, CT - "What a great service.  Thank you very much for including us in it."
  Jim E., Perdido Vineyards, AL - "Thanks a lot for your wonderful efforts."
  Vincent S., Florida Orange Groves & Winery, FL - "Thanks for [our] listing.  We voted your site a 5-star site [on the Top 100 Wine Sites]"
  Dana T., Black Wolf Vineyards, NC - "I just registered with NamesDirect.  Your simple directions made it easy as pie!  Thank you."
  Darlene K., Hunters Valley Winery, PA - "A customer told me he had reached us through your site.  Thanks for your help"
  Bill H., Heimhof Winery, KS - "Frances and I liked very much what you created [for our WineLite Website Homepage]!"
  John C., Cellar Door Winery, ME - "Keep up the good work."
  Bill S., Moonfeathers Winery, OK - "Thanks for letting me know that you're out there.  I appreciate your listing us."
  Kate M., Moonrise Bay Vineyard, NC - "Thank you for taking the photos and updating our [WineLite Website Homepage]."
  Nicholaas O., Kings Road Vineyards, NJ - "Your site is a valiant attempt to enhance our industry - please list our winery."
  Sandi V., Prairie Berry Winery, SD - "[Yours] is a fantastic site!  Would you please update our [listing] showing that we are also members of the AVA?"
  Mike A., Winterport Winery, ME - "Our [WineLite Website Homepage] looks Great !!!  As the wine makers say, Tanks !!!"


Information on this page is intended for winery and vineyard use, and covers the following  categories:

1. Your Winery and its Listing with AllAmericanWineries
2. Your Winery's Listing Sequence on AllAmericanWineries States Results Page
3. Subscribed Enhanced Listing vs. Standard Listing on AllAmericanWineries State Results Page
4. Webtrends Reports - Analysis of Visitor Traffic to AllAmericanWineries and Your Winery 
5. Obtaining Your Winery's Own Internet Domain Name
6. Online Orders by Customers from Your WineLite WebSite© Page
7. Want Ads - Miscellaneous Odds and Ends


    AllAmericanWineries was created in January 2001 to connect visitors searching for wine, wines, a winery, wineries, a vineyard or vineyards open for public visits with your winery or vineyard.  With recent monthly hit rates that consistently range as high as 250,000 hits (based on seasonal variability), wine lovers are finding this site, and through this site, they can find you.  Visitors don't even have to know your winery exists in order to find you.  They don't bother to come here unless they are actively seeking wineries to visit.  I am indexed specifically on sites likely to receive traffic from wine lovers.

    If you are a winery or vineyard that is open to the public for wine sales, wine tasting or winery tours (even if by appointment only), and you are already indexed on this site, please notify us of any change to your winery name, location, telephone numbers, Web site URL, or E-mail address.  All you need do is click on this Update My Winery link and provide us with any updated information.  If necessary, I will contact you telephonically to verify the information before posting the updated information within three working days.

    If you are a winery or vineyard already open to the public for sales, tasting or tours, but are not listed on this site, AllAmericanWineries wants to know!  If you are within six months of your anticipated opening and are ready to receive inquiries from the public, I will also list you with currently open wineries.  If you are over six months away from opening to the public, I will be happy to list you in the "On The Horizons" section at the bottom of each state results page.  Just click on this List My Winery link and provide the following information for your listing.  I will contact you telephonically to verify the information and update the state results page to list your winery, typically within three working days.

        1.  A point of contact name (for verification purposes only, it will not be published on this site);
        2.  your winery name;
        3.  the street address, city, state, Zip Code of your winery, and distance and direction from a city on my state maps;
        4.  the public Internet Web site Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of your winery (if you don't have one, please say so);
        5.  the public E-mail address of your winery (if you don't have one, please say so); amd
        6.  the public telephone numbers for your winery (with area code) for voice phone, toll-free, and fax

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    All businesses find it both desirable and advantageous to be listed near the top of any search results page.  AllAmericanWineries groups wineries on each state results page into one of the following two categories:
        1.  Subscribed Enhanced Listing winery - Grouped first, at the top of your state results page, then chronologically by initial subscription date (see section 3, immediately below, for information about this optional listing and its benefits); and 
        2.  Standard Listing for all other wineries - Grouped last, alphabetically by winery name.

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    As a Subscribed Enhanced Listing winery, you benefit with a higher display level on the search results page, a highlighted bold text listing, a hyperlink to your Web site, and display of your toll-free telephone number.  In addition, if you host weddings, parties, etc., you will receive inquiries two weeks before being submitted to standard listing wineries in your region.  Your subscription helps defray the Web Hosting Service and the Internet Service Provider costs incurred by AllAmericanWineries to support this site.  Subscribed wineries are guaranteed permanent grouping at the top of the search results page for as long as you maintain your subscription, which is renewed automatically for succeeding 12 month periods for as long as you chose, or unless cancelled by us (the latter has not ever happened except for non-payment or winery closure).  

    During the first 60+ days of your newly listed winery on AllAmericanWineries, you will receive a Complimentary Enhanced Listing on our site, along with a welcoming message.  This introductory period will allow you to see the benefits and increased Internet traffic of having your winery listed with the premiere Internet directory and locator, without risk or obligation.  Your Complimentary Enhanced Listings will include the following:

        1.  A image adjacent to your winery name with the date your winery was added to our site;
        2.  your winery name and a hyperlink to your winery's Internet Web site:
        3.  your winery address, city, state and Zip Code (and ultimately, distance and direction from the nearest city on the state results page map);
        4.  your winery's E-mail address and a hyperlink to that E-mail address; and
        5.  your winery's commercial telephone number and fax number for public contact.

    Shortly before your Complimentary Enhanced Listing period expires, AllAmericanWineries will contact you and offer you the opportunity to convert to a Subscribed Enhanced Listing at the price of only $60/year (wineries and winery tourism businesses in North Carolina's Yadkin Valley higher due to brochure costs).  If you accept our offer of a Subscribed Enhanced Listing, your winery name will be moved up to the top of the state search results page immediately under any earlier Subscribed Enhanced Listing wineries and the text for your winery listing will be increased to bold font.  If you decline our offer of a Subscribed Enhanced Listing, at the end of the introductory period, your entry will be changed to a Standard Listing.  

    The Standard Listing will still contain only your winery name, address, and commercial telephone and fax numbers.  However the hyperlink to your Internet Web Site will be converted to plain text and the toll-free number for your winery will be changed to "n/a" for your listing.  You are under absolutely no obligation to convert your Complimentary Enhanced Listing to a Subscribed Enhanced Listing, but taking advantage of the offer before the end of your introductory period will guarantee your permanent grouping at the top of your state search results page for as long as you remain a subscribed winery.  It's first come, first served!.  Please note that if you opt for a Subscribed listing after your trial period, fees are not refundable - our labor and hosting costs have already been incurred in updating our website with the information about your business.

    For additional information about our Subscribed Enhanced Listing, click here.    Ask any additional questions in the pre-addressed E-mail message, and we'll answer them promptly.  If you decide that upgrade option is for you, just let us know.  Your listing will be upgraded within three working days and only then will you be invoiced for the upgrade.

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    You should clearly expect increased visitor traffic to your Internet Web site as a result of your Subscribed Enhanced Listing (or your Complimentary Enhanced Listing) in the AllAmericanWineries locator and directory.  Our web- hosting firm provides monthly reports using a package called AWStats, that lists data about the number and source of visitors to this site.  Prior to September 2007 we utilized WebTrends.  We recommend that you ask your own Internet hosting firm for regular reports about visitors to *your* site.  Many hosting firms provide this capability to their clients at no charge.  Those reports will confirm the number of visitors to your site from   

    A second method of determining traffic to your site from is through the use of the phrase, "via" in the subject line of any e-mail address sent to you via our site.  We have inserted code in our E-mail links to you from visitors who click on your E-mail link from our site.  Obviously, this subject line tag does not show up in E-mails sent directly from any contact forms built into your own web pages.  Rest assured that the contents of any E-mail sent to your winery by visitors to our site is not readable by AllAmericanWineries.

    To see the traffic to our AllAmericanWineries  AWStats/WebTrends Report, including results since our January 2001 inception, click here.  The exponential growth of our site will benefit your winery as well.  Since AllAmericanWineries is highly visible to search engines, visitors who find our site have the ability to easily locate your site even if they don't know your winery exists.

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    If you do not have your own Internet Domain Name, you really need to read this section.  If you have already reserved your own Internet Domain Name, click here to skip to the next section.

    Why do you need to obtain your own Internet Domain Name?  The Internet is quickly becoming a fact of life for all businesses, including wineries.  If you do not yet have your own Internet Domain Name (or if you are using a convoluted site name such as or another ISP or a free Web page service), you need to seriously consider projecting a professional image by reserving your own winery Internet Domain Name *right now*, even if you don't intend to use it immediately.  There are people (I call them "squatters") reserving and parking domain names to resell at inflated prices.  For example, my first choice for an Internet Domain Name for this site was, but it had already been reserved for resale by a squatter who offered to sell it to me for $2,500.  I declined the offer, and selected AllAmericanWineries  instead.  While your winery name may or may not be that valuable, the longer you wait to reserve your winery domain name, the less likely it is to be available to you.  There is legislation in place that permits you to sue a squatter for the turnover of a Domain Name that matches your winery, but the cost and aggravation to force the turnover is not insignificant.  

    How can you obtain your own Internet Domain Name?  It's easy and fast to obtain your own Internet Domain Name!  You can do it online in less than ten minutes and should expect to spend no more than $60 for a two-year registration.  To protect your credit card and account information, you should make your own arrangements directly with an ICANN-accredited Registrar vendor (one approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to obtain your choice of an available Internet Domain Name.  The Registrar vendor will charge you an annual fee (which varies, but I recommend you pay no more than $30 per year).  They obtain and "park" your selected new Internet Domain Name if you are not yet ready to publish a web page.
  Make certain your Registrar vendor can create pointers for both your existing E-mail address and a future Internet Web site.  It's definitely worth a couple of extra dollars per year to use a Registrar that can provide those two additional services.  Once your new Internet Domain Name is registered, any E-mail addressed to your new Internet Domain Name should be automatically redirected (forwarded) to your existing E-mail address, and Internet users who enter your new Internet Domain Name in their browser should be automatically redirected (forwarded) to your new home page (even if it is an "Under Construction" page provided by your Registrar).  It is crucial that you select a user-friendly Domain Name and that you ensure that the Registrar vendor you select is both accredited by the ICANN and can provide you with all the services you will need, including pointing to any location you ultimately choose.
    AllAmericanWineries  feels so strongly about this important requirement that we will be happy to assist you in obtaining your own Internet Domain Name from a ICANN-accredited Registrar vendor, without obligation.  If you don't have the time or the inclination to conduct your own search for a Registrar firm, we will be happy to assist, just ask.  Regardless of which ICANN-accredited Registrar firm you select, be certain they have a reputable track record and offer you all the services you will ultimately need.  One of the most popular and reasonably priced registrars is an affiliate of ours -
    What Internet Domain Name should you select for your winery?  Based on years of experience, and believing that simpler is better, I recommend the following:  1) Keep your Domain Name name as short as possible while still retaining your identity.  2) Try not to use hyphens, ampersands or underlines in your Domain Name (it is very confusing to your internet visitors and underlines can be difficult to see).  3)  I recommend using the word Wine, Wines, Winery or Vineyard in that order (again, the shorter the Domain Name, the easier for visitors to remember and to type).  Using one of those keywords will also benefit your being picked up by Search Engine programs. 

    What to do once you have obtained your own Internet Domain Name?  Once you have obtained your own Internet Domain Name, you can either:  1) Leave it parked indefinitely with your Domain Registrar, since it is protected from a squatter (just be certain you keep it renewed so it does not expire);  2) build and publish your own Home Page; or  3) have someone build and publish your Home Page for you.  AllAmericanWineries  offers an optional very simple template-based WineLite Website © Home Page, customized for your winery.  I can have you up and running within two business days.  In fact, with advance coordination, we can even have your Home Page in place before your new Internet Domain Name is activated, and you can have your new Internet Domain Name point to your WineLite Website © Home Page when it is activated.  You will then have an *immediate* Internet Web presence without any hassle, and at minimal cost.  In fact, to assist new wineries with their basic Internet presence, ask about our WineLite Website © Home Page service, available to you for a two month no-cost trial period.

    For additional information about our WineLite Website © Home Page offering, click here.

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    Are you interested in customers being able to order your wines from your WineLite WebSite© page?  Click here for information about online orders.


    Have surplus equipment to sell?  Looking for used equipment?  Looking for a job in the winery or vineyard field?  Looking for non-field help?  Want to buy or sell winery property?  We can help!!   Click here for our classified ads page.


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