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    AllAmericanWineries is an easy and intuitive site to use.  It was designed with the presumption that you are going to visit a state (or you are already there), would like to visit one or more wineries, and want to locate wineries in the area.  From any AllAmericanWineries page, just click the "Winery Locator by State" link at the top of the page.  From the "Winery Locator by State" page, select the state in which you are interested.  If you select an indexed state that contains more than 70 wineries (California, New York, Oregon or Washington state), you may be prompted to select from a region within the state.  Breaking states with a large number of wineries into regions will significantly reduce the download time for your search results, especially if you are using a dial-up modem at 28.8kbps.  AllAmericanWineries attempts to use regional designations provided by the state winery association or visitors bureau to ensure consistency between our results listing and any visitor maps you may have obtained.  

    When you click on a selected state (or region), it will execute a search, and display a listing of all wineries in that state or region.  You may scroll down the listing to choose a winery or wineries in which you are interested.  All indexed wineries will be displayed, along with the city in which they are located, and available contact telephone numbers.  If the winery name is displayed in blue underlined text (for example, Bob's Vineyards), it means that the winery has their own Internet Web site.  Click on the winery name and a new browser window will be opened and you will be automatically redirected to their home page for additional information provided directly by the winery.  When finished viewing the winery's home page, CLOSE the new browser window and you will be returned to the state results page.  If the winery has an E-mail address listed directly below the city and state, you may click on the link and a pre-addressed E-mail window will open.  You may then send an E-mail inquiry or comment directly to the winery.  AllAmericanWineries has no way of reading such E-mail..

    Repeat the steps above as desired to review other wineries in that state or region.  To search for wineries in another state, click on the "Winery Locator by State" link at the top or bottom of each state results page and select the next desired state.

    If you found this site valuable, please mention to any wineries you contact that you found them via AllAmericanWineries.  It's the best way to say thanks. 

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