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    AllAmericanWineries is the culmination of my lifelong love of wine.  I grew up in California, just north of San Francisco and spent my "summer of love" exploring the wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties, and driving the winding roads running east/west between the main north/south highways.  In my 20s, I began to visit wineries in the remainder of California.  I expanded my horizons further north to wineries in Oregon and Washington while visiting friends and relatives in those two states.  I visited wineries in Texas when I lived there from 1983 to 1989, as well as wineries in Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma during my travels.  When I moved to the northern Virginia suburbs near Washington, DC, I discovered a number of quality of wines in the birthplace of American winemaking in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.  In 1996, I spent  a week visiting the wineries in the Bordeaux and St. Emilion regions of France.  During the past 35 years, I have visited over 400 wineries in 25 states.  I have spoken with winery owners, helped them with pruning, cutting, picking, crushing, bottling, and (my personal favorite) tasting.  I've helped disgorge and taste a brand new sparkling brut wine with a side of fresh strawberries after walking through 10 inches of new snow to get to the cellar.  I've sampled Cabernet Sauvignon right from the oak aging cask along with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies so warm my hands were covered with melted chocolate when I was done.  I agree with Louis Pasteur (or was it Galileo?), who opined that "Wine is sunlight, held together by water."

    In July 2000, I retired after a 30-year career with the U.S. Government, and began searching for wineries to visit during my retirement travels.  I quickly discovered that most of the nation-wide Internet winery directories were not as complete as they inferred.  I examined thirteen nation-wide Internet sites that claimed to offer a complete listing of wineries in the United States, and found them to be less than adequate for my traveling needs.  They might pick a single source for their winery listings, load the data onto their site, slap on some advertising banners for revenue, and go on to another project.  Seeing a need for a truly complete listing, I began a project to identify all East Coast wineries.  My research revealed that these other sites listed only 1% to 80% of the wineries in states east of the Mississippi River.  Some sites had not been updated in over a year, and did not contain new wineries or contained listings for wineries no longer in business.  One site had a bad link to their home page (or were no longer in business).  One site had an unreadable search results page.  Three sites returned fewer than 1% of the wineries east of the Mississippi River, one returned less than 10% of the wineries, and one returned less than 20% of the wineries.  One of the most attractive sites lists only 22% of the 750+ eastern U.S. wineries!  One of the most complete sites returned slightly more than 80% of eastern U.S. wineries, but the listing for more than 40 states was in alphabetical sequence by winery name, not segregated by state, making it extremely difficult to locate wineries in a given state.  Only one (a commercial site) approaches the comprehensive listing compiled here.

    After more than four months of full-time initial research in 2001, AllAmericanWineries identified and indexed or linked to over 1,800 wineries in the United States.  If a state-specific winery board or state winery trade association appeared to have a comprehensive index of all wineries in their state,  I provided a link to their site.  This enables you (the wine-loving traveler) to locate most of the wineries in those linked states, while I verify that the information in their directory meets the quality and completeness standards of AllAmericanWineries .
    Finally, when visiting a state, I generally want to do more than just taste wine.  Assuming that you, too, have multiple interests, you will find a link to that state's Tourism Office at the bottom of each search results page. 

    The following goals reflect  the difference between AllAmericanWineries and other nation-wide Internet winery directories:

    1.  Quality and Quantity:  I have spoken with the owners and managers of many of the wineries listed on this site during my research and travels.  Other directories fail to regularly update their information.  As a responsible site owner, AllAmericanWineries checks links to indexed wineries on a regular basis (quarterly is reasonable), and provides visitors the ability to report the occasional "broken link," so the information may be passed along to the winery for repair.  It is in everyone's best interest to have complete and accurate links to wineries.

    2.  Research and Accuracy:  Some nationwide directory sites mis-identify names of listed wineries, or contain typographical errors in addresses or telephone numbers (especially telephone Area Codes).  Some sites have typographical errors in the links to a listed winery, which results in your not being able to link to a winery of interest.  My 30+ years of experience as an investigator has given me the experience and knowledge to retrieve information from wineries, government, and public domain sources (including the Internet and various trade associations).  I network with winery owners, officers of state winery associations, employees of state regulatory agencies, as well as members of the American Vintners Association.  I cross-reference and compare multiple sources of information, and talk to the winery owner or manager to resolve conflicting data.  I regularly forward erroneous information to webmasters of existing winery sites for correction.  I take the time to look in all the nooks and crannies to find a winery if it is in business.  AllAmericanWineries makes available to each winery a copy of the record in our database for their review, and updates the database within three working days as needed.

    3.  Attention to Detail:  During my Government career, I was noted for being a detail-oriented manager.  That philosophy is an important part of this new venture.  The end result is a complete and accurate database of wineries compiled and indexed by AllAmericanWineries that ultimately benefits you, the traveling wine lover.

    4.  No Value Judgments or Opinions:  While conducting the research for this site, I was asked if I was going to have tasting notes or recommendations for the wineries which I have visited.  The answer is a resounding, "NO!"  I am by no means a wine snob.  I have tasted Dom Perignon champagne only once in my life (in 1998 at a wine/dinner party, brought by someone with deeper pockets than mine).  It *was* a wonderful champagne, but way out of my price range.  I have been known to drink white wines with meat, and red wines with fish.  Everyone's taste varies, and what works for me does nothing for others.  While I prefer dry full bodied wines with very low residual sugar or brut champagnes and sparklers, many of my friends drink sweeter wines.  It would not be fair to you if I were to rate a winery or their wines poorly just because they made wines that were not high on my personal taste list.  I have committed to provide you with a complete listing of wineries.  You may then visit any or all of them and make your own decision.        
    Regardless of the differences in our personal tastes, however, I believe that wine in moderation leads to an enjoyment of life not offered by most other beverages.  I also support responsible drinking and use of a designated driver on tasting trips to wineries.  On my limited retiree budget, I look for what I call a great quality/price value (QPV) wine.  I rejoice when I find a great QPV wine for under $20.  And nothing beats a mimosa on Sunday morning when you snag a good bottle of champagne or sparkling wine for $10-$15!

    AllAmericanWineries was designed to be complete, fast-loading (there no fancy images, flash graphics, scripts, banners or pop-up windows that slow down your view), intuitive, and (perhaps most important) user-friendly.  The birth of AllAmericanWineries as a new winery directory and locator for a new millennium was a natural outgrowth of my wanting to share the results of my research with you. so you can locate almost all the wineries in a state or region (not just 10% or 50% or 80% of the total), and to do so in a non-commercial environment.  So once again, welcome!  Browse this site and find your own hidden gems.  AllAmericanWineries is a work in process, undergoing constant revision and updates to ensure you the utmost in accuracy and completeness.


Bob H.
Pinnacle, NC

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