Waldensian Heritage Wines
(Formerly Villar Vintners of Valdese)
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Waldensian Heritage Wines participates in the North Carolina Wine Festival at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC.  The images below were taken during the annual festivals.
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Special Events

Saturday, August 13, 2005, 10a.m. to 6p.m.  -  Annual Waldensian Festival  -  Come to Valdese and help celebrate our Waldensian Heritage.  Special hours, open at 10a.m., snacks available.  Bocce (lawn bowling) throughout the day.


Operating Hours

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 1:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.  Conducted tour followed by free wine tasting during open hours.  Groups on other days by appointment only.  
     The winery is available for parties, meetings, reunions, wedding events, or any scheduled gathering of friends.  Cater your next event at the winery by calling us at the number above.


Driving Directions

FROM HICKORY:  Interstate 40 West for 20 miles to exit 112 (Valdese).  North on Eldred St (turns into North Laurel St) for 2.4 miles to left on Villar Lane.  Waldensian Heritage Wines is immediately on your left.

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Wine List

Heritage Burgundy Valdese - our totally dry red wine as originally made by our first generation Waldensians.  Made from bunch grapes with a lingering aroma of grapes at harvest time.  Best served at room temperature, excellent with red meat, game, and pasta.
Burgundy Valdese - our biggest seller, with only a small residual amount of sugar.  Served at room temperature, it has an excellent bouquet of the grape, an inborn fruitiness and a light burgundy flavor.  Great for sipping or with the same foods as the Heritage Burgundy Valdese.
Villar Rouge Sweet - a sweet wine that maintains the quality of the Burgundy Valdese, with extra sugar to please the taste buds of the Southern Ladies and Gentlemen.  Enjoy as a dessert or after dinner wine, and best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.
Blanc Royale - represents our traditional white wine, made from a blend of choice white grapes.  This semi-dry wine has a well balanced bouquet and a delicate fruity flavor.  An excellent choice with appetizers, seafood, or poultry.  Serve slightly chilled with a friend.
Waldensian White Sweet - a sweet blend with an artful approach to blending American and hybrid grapes to produce a soft white wine that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner.  Truly an "all occasion wine" loved by the Southern Ladies when served slightly chilled.
Blush Regal - a delightfully pleasant, medium dry wine produced from a blue grape by limiting the contact between the juice and the grape skins, thus giving the wine its pink color.  Great as a summer sipper, an appetite stimulant, and an excellent complement to any meal.  Best served slightly chilled.
Piedmont Rose - a blend of two white wine and a percentage of our red wine.  Blended for our customers who prefer a sweet wine that still maintains its fruitiness and delicate bouquet.  Best served slightly chilled.
Millenium Deux - a unique wine made by blending all the wines used at Waldensian Heritage Wines.  Semi-sweet, has an excellent bouquet and fruity flavor.  Sipping it reminds one of memories gone by and memories to come.  Best served slightly chilled.


Unique Features

Waldensian Heritage Wines was a dream of second and third generation descendants of the Waldensian settlers who arrived in Valdese, North Carolina located in The "Land of Burke County in Western North Carolina."  From the various wine cellars of the initial inhabitants of Valdese came five Waldensian descendants determined to maintain the heritage of wine making as a family tradition.  This progressed into a needed business of Valdese, reflecting their own individual preferences for good wines at reasonable cost.  
     The tradition of Waldensian wine making began centuries ago in the Cottian Alps, west of Torino, Italy and the Western Piedmont of Italy.  This was comparable to Valdese, North Carolina, the Western Piedmont of North Carolina.  The wine-making skills of these Waldensian people are now preserved by Waldensian Heritage Wines and reflect a combined 250 years experience in the making of wine.
     The winery, constructed in 1930 of local field rock and timbers, is a 4,000 square foot building exemplifying life in the 1930s and a look at the manual operation of producing quality wines by using old world technologies, coupled with some modern equipment and innovations that produce wines that have a true taste of the grape.
     Much of the wine operation is a manual process continuing year round from crushing the grapes, fermenting, filtering, blending, bottling and labeling.  No wine is bottled from bulk storage until there is a need or sold until it has at least one year of aging.  The motto of Waldensian Heritage Wines is, "LIFE IS SHORT - DRINK GOOD WINE."
     The winery has available a presentation vineyard and an outside covered "Boccia" (lawn bowling) court with an adjacent covered seating area.

GIFT SHOP:  Visit our gift shop.  We have gift certificates, wine racks, bottle stoppers and many other items.

SHIPPING:  Pending legislative changes, we cannot currently ship our wine.


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